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Leyton Employment Service - May Newsletter

Legislation update - May 2015 


Leyton Employment Service - April Newsletter
Legislation update - April 2015 
Budget - 2015

In the government's last Budget announcement, the Chancellor's speech yesterday focused on the theme of Growth and Fairness.



Leyton Employment Service - March Newsletter
This year, changes are set to be implemented and employers need to be aware of these and amend handbooks and policies accordingly. In brief, the main changes are as follows:
Leyton Employment Update

Do you have a policy in place for the use of e-cigarettes?


Are you ready for the new Paternity Leave regulations?

Autumn Statement

In the Autumn Statement given today, the Chancellor announced a number of changes that will have an impact on interest of Leyton's clients. 


SME R&D Tax Credit Claims: Statistic Report
The statistics recently published by HMRC paint a positive picture as there continues to be an increased uptake in claiming the relief, partly as the government has offered UK PLC even more generous tax relief.
Consumption in the 21st Century


Europe opens its mind to intelligent produce. The European Commission is to propose that the decision to permit the cultivation of GM crops should be devolved to the individual member states.

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